Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life - Inspired by Gustav Klimt.
The fifth graders are learning about Klimt and his unique style. He loved to use little tiny pieces of gold in his art work because his parents worked in a gold factory - so he would take some and sprinkle it all over his work. The tree he painted was very UNIQUE - the students made their own trees then used glitter paint and little pieces of shiny paper to add "gold." I think they are just amazing - very "frame-able"! Olivia
The third graders read Fabulous Words in library class and looked up some fabulous Fallish words, so we hung them on the tree. The one below is the definition of Swirl by Megan Z.

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  1. The trees of life came out very well.Thanks for posting mine!

    Olivia LoGuididce


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