Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eric Carle Inspired Literacy Night/Art Show

(Created with recycled plastic caps) 

This year my principal asked US - the music, librarian, and P.E. teacher to hold a Literacy night for students and families to celebrate the Arts. It was wonderful. We centered the night around Eric Carle. The posts below contain all the artwork. Each grade level had two projects on display. One was inspired from an Eric Carle book and another from an Art concept. 
 P.E. -  The P.E teacher did a "Book Walk" with the students in the gym. 
 The music teacher held a powerpoint showing in the auditorium of each grade enterprising a musical piece or poem of Eric Carle.
The librarian held a  Book Fair in the Library.

Art Show 2011/12

Art Show 2011/2012

 2nd Grade Pointillism
 Inspired by the Very Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
 2nd Grade - Pointillism 
 To add to the excitement... there was a scavenger hunt the night of the Art Show. The students had to find all the Hungry Caterpillars and mark down the type of Artwork they were by. This encouraged parents and students to look at ALL the Artwork at the Show. 

 Inspired by The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Art Show 2011/12

 The PTO provided Eric Carle Cakes and Cupcakes for all the students to enjoy!

Art Show 2011/12

 1st Grade Weaving
 4th Grade Claude Monet
 Eric Carle Mural 
 More Eric Carle Mural
3-D Fish Exhibit

Art Show 2011/12

District Show highlighted at Art Show
 Large Eric Carle themed mural
 Each class was responsible for a section